Another 7 month old!

My theory holds true... 7 month olds are soooo much fun to photograph!

Here's a little sweetie who was not only in a fantastic mood to do photographs together, but mom and dad were happy to jump in as well!

Here's some of my favorites from our session together at their home...




I think this one would make a snappy holiday card, don't you think?


This last photo of the day sums it up - Little Willa's scrunched up nose is so cute!!


Happy Halloween!

My favorite little guy at 10 months old this halloween... all sweetness, no stink!



7 month old session

I used to think that 6 months was the perfect age to do a "watch me grow" kind of session... but I've had some sessions where the 6 month old wasn't quite a strong "sitter-upper" yet and so the majority of the shots were still of the baby laying down... which if we did a 3 month old session a few months before, just doesn't give us enough variety for positions from one session to another.

But after doing some recent 7 month old photoshoots, I now think that's the ideal age! They've had a little time to perfect the sitting up part and they're still as happy-go-lucky as they were the month before. I've yet to find an unhappy 7 mos old baby... every one has seemed to be all smiles the whole time I get to photograph them. It must also be the age they've perfected the "art of charming" as well.

Little Jack Henry was no exception to this theory - He was an absolute joy to photograph!! What a fun session we had together with his mom and dad.

Here's some of my favorites from the session...


Jack Henry's mom told me *she* used to suck on her two fingers as well... so cute!



This little hat is *extra* special... it once belonged to Jack Henry's dad when he was a baby.



And one last photo with his mom...


Senior Photography

Since I'm usually photographing weddings during the summer and fall months, and then when I'm not photographing weddings I'm usually photographing babies... every now and then I get the distinct pleasure of being asked to do a senior portrait. And I almost always say yes, but only after talking with the high schooler about locations and ideas - it's an entirely different hat to wear for me, but one I enjoy when I get the chance. I get really excited when that senior wants to do something different and has an open mind about where to go and what to wear. The important thing is that wherever we choose to go shoot, it be a location that really speaks to that individual.

Lisa was one such girl! She recently moved down to WA from Alaska, so being near the water and doing the session outdoors was something that really excited her. Since she lived nearby, we decided on doing the session at Semiahmoo Resort. We had perfect shooting weather when the day arrived and the kind of light that makes a photographer drool. (Not that I drool, I glisten!)

Here's some of my favorites from the session -








Finally settled in Portland... it's catch-up time!

Thanks to all my clients for their infinite amount of patience these past 4 weeks as we've moved from Bellingham to Portland... and then waited to be able to move into our new home and studios! We had many delays, but we're finally in and have internet installed, so it's time to catch-up on all the portrait sessions and weddings that need to be uploaded into galleries and blogged about. Stay tuned for a whirlwind week of blog posts highlighting all the fun and special sessions from late August and September!


Hello clients and friends!

We are experiencing delays in our move from Washington to Oregon this week, so the studio will be closed until Wednesday, October 13 when we will finally be able to move into our new home and studio. I will be returning all phone calls and emails at that time.

Thanks for your patience in delivery of portrait & wedding online galleries/print orders during this transitional time.

If you have any questions or have a particular need that would require my immediate attention, please contact me at 360-224-4377 or email


Jen & Rich's Wedding :: Lairmont Manor, WA

Jen & Rich were married at Lairmont Manor on July 26th, 2008. The weather was absolutely lovely (it usually is in July in the Pacific Northwest), but I always feel particularly lucky when it's so perfectly nice the day of the wedding.


Jen & Rich had some unique things at their wedding, two items that instantly stood out to me turned out to be both hand-made by Rich himself!

This was the frame Rich made so that their guests could stand behind it and be photographed by one of the bridesmaids. Jen & Rich choose to have their cocktail hour *before* the ceremony so that their guests could have some munchies and drinks before the ceremony, but that there would be plenty of time to get everyone's photo for the guest book!


Rich made this table to be used during their ceremony and to sign their certificate on... the wood color is so gorgeous and I love the inter-woven inlay. WOW.


I just LOVE the expression on the officiant's face during Jen & Rich's first kiss... so cute!!



To get a sneak peak of some of the highlights from the day, click on the video below. Feel free to email or embed this video on your own blog, it's meant to be passed around to family & friends!

Thanks Jen & Rich for allowing me to share and capture your most special day together!

It's a Diaper Cake... look close!

This Monday I headed down to Portland to do a maternity shoot with a new client (which I will post images of in a few days), and since I needed to stay the night before heading back up to Bellingham the next day, I got to spend the evening with one of our good family friends, Jeffrey & Summer.

Both Summer and I like to do crafty type things... but we don't get to do them very often because well, we both own our own businesses, have a family to take care of, and generally just both wish we had more hours in our day to do some more fun things every now and then instead of work all the time. The last time I was over, we made hand-tied trellises for her garden from bamboo stalks at 10PM under the stars and out in the backyard - it was great.

This time however, we were on a mission to buy a baby gift for an upcoming baby shower. Along the way of brainstorming some ideas, I suddenly had an idea. Since it's wedding season, I've been photographing A LOT of wedding cakes so you might even say I had "cake on the brain"... What if we made a cake for the baby shower, but out of Diapers?

Did someone say, art project?!? That got the ball rolling! Next thing you know, we're off to Michael's and Target for flowers, ribbons, and lots and lots of diapers... 100 to be exact.

Summer has fabulous style. She dresses great, her house is decorated cool, and she's trained as a Landscape Designer so she definitely has lot's of inspiring ideas. Since no one knows if the new baby is going to be a girl or a boy, we decided to decorate the cake more towards the personal style of the new mom. And rather than go baby-baby in our overall design, we decided to go elegant and earthy. Our assembly and design time was made even sweeter by drinking a bottle of Framboise together while we set to creating our masterpiece of a Diaper Cake (if I do say so myself!)

Here's what the finished Diaper Cake turned out like... what do you think?



The whole project took us about 2 hrs, so not bad for something we've never attempted to do before. If you're interested in making your own Diaper Cake someday, email me and I'll write you a quick supply list and how-to... just make sure you invite over a close girl-friend to do the project with and to share in the fun and creativity!

Three sweet sisters

Last month I had the opportunity to photograph three young sisters to honor the littlest one's first birthday!

We had a great time that evening in their back yard and got some wonderful photos of the girls together and also individually.

Here's some of my favorites from the session...






Thanks, Beth, for having me photograph your lovely, lovely girls!

Erin & Ryan's Wedding :: Semiahmoo Resort, WA

At the end of June, I joined Erin & Ryan at Semiahmoo Resort for their wedding day... and what a beautiful day it was!

Erin & Ryan's wedding ceremony took place at the Pierside Dock, which is located on the east side of the resort and over-looking the bay towards the north and the mountains of B.C. Canada. The sun was bright, but the mountains were a little hidden by the heavy summer air... we knew they were there, though! It turns out Ryan is originally from Canada, so this location has particular significance for them.

Before the ceremony started we walked over to the large barn on the property for some shade and the opportunity to feel the cooler wind blowing at us from over the water.






After a little while of doing photos together, the bridal party joined us for some quick photos against the cool brick wall, right off the Pierside Room where the reception would be held later on in the evening.


The ceremony took place on the Pierside Dock under a lovely arch covered in light pink flowers and greenery. It made the perfect compliment to the blue sky and water in front of us on the bay.



After some brief family portraits following the ceremony, we headed into the Pierside Room for dinner, a slideshow, cake cutting, and the rest of the fun-filled evening ahead of us.

The only way to photograph a full and long head-table is to pull out the 8mm Peleng fish-eye lens - Amazingly, I think I got the whole bridal party in the shot!


Wine glasses were tinkling for this photo op... I love how Ryan is just schmushing Erin with this passionate and mighty public kiss!


Erin's flower choices were elegantly simple and lovely. Roses were the flower of the day, hot pinks and light pinks with chocolate brown accents.



Ryan joined Erin on the dance floor for their first dance together and as the sun began to dip down into the horizon. I love the look on their faces as they shared this intimate moment together dancing for the first time as husband and wife.


As the night grew towards darkness and the end of the evening, Ryan and Erin decided to cut their cake before I headed out for the night. They were quite nice to one another in feeding one another the bites of cake, but Ryan couldn't resist getting in an icing-smeared kiss after all was said and done!


As I walked back out to my car at the end of the night, I couldn't help but take one last photo of the dock and the sun slipping away to become night. The party was far from over, but my time with them was complete.


Thanks to both families for allowing me to join you on your most special day together!

To see more photos and for a sneak peak at the whole day, click on the video below. Feel free to email or embed... it's meant to be shared with family & friends!

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